Original Compositions by

Brian R Hill

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The Novels of Brian R Hill

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Though I Tried 1981


Stargazer 1997


Travois 1988


Café Concerto 1997


Reflections 1988


Lullaby for Grace 1997


Kites 1988


Meringues (Wind & String Bass )1997


Last Leaves of Autumn 1988


Especially for You 1998


Northern Lights (String Orchestra) 1990

String Quartet in D Major  1999


 1 Allegretto


 1 Allegretto


 2 Andante Con  Moto


 2 Andante


 3 Allegretto


 3 Scherzo


Tides 1993


 4 Rondo


Helvellyn 1994                                      


Rainbows 1999


Three Lakeland Sketches (String Orchestra) 1996

Chardonnay 1999


 1 Borrowdale


Port Wine 1999

(Solo Clarinet & String Orchestra)


 2 Elterwater


Cradle Song for George 2000 


 3 Langdale


Lonely Nights 2001


You Can't Have Everything 1997


Golden Threads 2001

(Dedicated to Karen & Chris on their Wedding 18th Aug 2001)



Melody for Sandra 1997


Museum Gardens 1997




Concerto for Violin in G Minor 1997 

          (In Memory of Ronald Hill)

Piano Quartet in D Minor 2001 

       (Violin, Viola, Cello & Piano)


 1 Allegro Moderato


 1 Moderato


 2 Largo


 2 Andante




 3 Allegretto




 4 Allegretto




Nocturne for Henry 2004 


All Music Copyright © Brian R Hill.

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Photograph by Simon Dewhurst - Jack HICKES Photographers Limited